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I am working as an Assistant Engineer at Electrical section , Kerala state electricity Board, Chalode, Kannur District ,Kerala state. I completed B-tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering, Kannur, Kerala State in 1993. I was born and brought up in Pinarayi where Indian communist party was also born. I love Information Technology and internet very much. I am also interested in subjects like electronic metering, communication systems, web development, politics, mp3 music etc...If you have any suggestions please sign my guest book
Kerala state electricity Board showed a drastic improvement in last five years. During the period 1991-1996 only 17 MW was added to Kerala power system. In last five years 876 MW of power was generated from new power projects. More than three lakhs service connections were given.
KSEB Officers Association is the largest association of officers and engineers in Kerala state electricity Board. Joining KSEBOA not only frees you from hacking net of category organizations but also puts you ahead in social and career aspects .
Malayalam songs creates nostalgia in the minds of malayalees. You can get thousands of Malayalam songs on the net both in real audio and MP3 format. You could access around 50 sites from my audio page.
Pinarayi is considered to be a village of peoples with co-operation. It is the village with largest number of co-operative societies in Asia. CPIM leader Com. Pinarayi Vijayan is also from here.
Kannur is being dictated as a district with violence between political rivals. But it is not true at all in real sense. It is the place of  beedis, looms and lores.
My home page at angelfire is more colourful. It was started in 1997 and is grabbing  more and more visitors every day.

If you are browsing from India, please visit my Homepage at VSNL. It is faster and doesn't have Ad screens.