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The first ever Get- together of the College of Engineering, Kannur Alumni Association was held on the 13 th of  April  2001  at the new campus of GCEK.
GCEK Alumni 2001
The function was inaugurated by  Dr.M.K.RADHAKRISHNAN. Prof.P.KUNCHIKKANNAN presided over the function  and  Sri.N.K.GOVINDAN, and Mr. RAJESH.K.N. addressed the gathering . After the formal inaugural function members introduced themselves.  There was a short break for a light refreshment. The Tea session was followed by a photo session.

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Electricity Bill-2001 - The great betrayal

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The central Government proposes to introduce Electricity Bill-2001 in the Parliament. 

Click here for the draft of Electricity Bill 2001

The Act is being put forward for privatisation of Indian Power sector. It is to be noted that in those states where State Electricity Boards were privatised, tariffs were hiked many fold and primary sectors like agricultural sector was ignored. 

Instead KSEB was retained in public sector and achieved a growth of 73 % in generation compared to national average of 18 %. Entire Maharashtra state is sinking due to the overhead of Dabhol Power Project by Enron. Hence a rethinking is absolutely required in the privatisation of SEBs. 
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Pinarayi - A co-operative Village
Pinarayi is a beautiful village in Kannur district Pinarayi Vijayan near Thalassery and is surrounded by rivers on three sides. Kerala chapter of Indian Communist party was formed at Parapram of this village.Peoples planning programme revolutionized  the development of the Panchayat.Pinarayi grama panchayat was chosen as the best panchayat in the district. Pinarayi grama panchayat was chosen as the best panchayat in the district. Its grama sabha meetings registered a consistently high attendance, its 121 neighborhood committees have been active, it has achieved a 100 per cent revenue and tax collection record, and its utilization of plan funds - especially those in the productive sector - has been outstanding.CPIM leader Com. Pinarayi  Vijayan and late freedom fighter Com. Pandyala Gopalan master are also from Pinarayi. 
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My home page at VSNL is a hub for discussion on Indian power sector . Technology articles, power sector issues are explained in detail. You can access lot of Malayalam songs, Malayalam MP3s etc from this site. This site will be loaded faster if you are browsing from India.

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My home page at Angelfire was started in 1997 from Abu Dhabi and is grabbing  more and more visitors every day. 
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